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STACBOND is a company specialising in the manufacture of aluminium composite panels and coil coating for the architecture, branding and signage, and industry and transport sectors. It was founded in 2008 as a division of STAC, a company created in 2001 specialising in solutions for building envelopes and façades. In April 2024, STACBOND becomes its own company name: ECO BIERZO COMPOSITE S.L.

Design and manufacture of architectural products

20 years together

Solving your building enclosures

Since its beginnings in 2001, the company has been in a process of constant growth and continues to expand into new markets.

In 2010 is opened the Polish delegation STAC Polska, in 2012 Systémes Techniques in Morocco, in 2018 STAC Mexico and the production centre STAC Bierzo of 80,000 m² in Spain.

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Coil coating
Hardware and accessories
Polyamide profiles
Sealing gaskets

Bierzo production complex

80.000 m2

Recently inaugurated, it has the most advanced facilities in the sector to produce and transform STACBOND® composite panel and aluminium coil coating. Innovation and constant improvement make this production centre the best laboratory of ideas for the development of products for facade cladding.


Padrón production complex

50.000 m2

STAC® Hardware and Accessories, polyamide and PVC profiles and seals are located in the production centre of Padrón. These Factories specialized in products for the enclosure offer all type of innovative solutions to supply the necessities of the market, for it they count on the best facilities adapted to the different lines of manufacture and of a specialized technical equipment, besides the experience that has consolidated him as one of the main referents in its sector.


Europes’s most advanced composite panel factory.

STACBOND was founded in 2008, based on its extensive experience in aluminium coating and polymer extrusion.

STACBOND is the leading company in the composite panel market in Spain, which develops, produces and markets aluminium composite panels and specific structural components for the architecture, brand image and signage, industry and transport sectors.

The wide range of STACBOND products  are internationally certified.

The manufacture of STACBOND composite panel follows a process controlled by rigorous tests and quality controls, which allow it to carry the CE mark used in any of our 6 internationally certified assembly systems. In addition, our production centre is certified according to ISO 9001.

With quality as the core of our activity, we develop a comprehensive service backed by continuous investment in R & D and training, as well as a rigorous system of evaluation of our production both internally and externally, endorsed by prestigious international certifying bodies.



Strict quality controls


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified


Constant investment in R&D and training

From its beginnings to the present day, as part of our continuous quest for growth and innovation, the entire STACBOND product range and its processes have been optimised in terms of materials in order to always achieve a simple, robust, aesthetic and functional product. This philosophy allows us to significantly reduce our environmental impact. We consider the life cycle of our products from the design stage, enabling us to create a final product that is 95% recyclable.

For all these reasons, our products have obtained EPD certification. STAC is also ISO 14001 certified thanks to the fact that the Environmental Management System (EMS) carried out at our facilities complies with the requirements of this standard.

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